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Do you often feel like you are running out of time?  Do you feel like there is never enough time in your day?  What if you could kidnap hours and hold them hostage for your dreams as ransom. In this book, you will discover unique ways to master your time and become effective with your most precious resource, "Time. "You're wasting time, "Now" start reading. An investment in yourself is the only investment that will NEVER be a bad one. This Book has already changed lives and is now only being put out after the fact that we have results to prove that J.R. Rivera's Strategies to Success works. Tested on his students, J.R. Rivera's business consulting clients and 10's of thousands of people reached. Success leaves cookies... Now its your turn to go the Extra #Mile! 

JR "Mr. Mile" Rivera
JR "Mr. Mile" Rivera is passionate about helping people and organizations seize their full potential. Consistently motivating and inspiring people on social media. Mr. Mile was nominated as BET's 2015 "InstaStar" most inspiring instagram in the United States due to his influence and how he delivers his message. This is nothing new for Mr. Mile, he is a teacher at Recording Artist Pitbull "Mr. World Wide" Charter School SLAM located in Miami, Florida. He brings the perfect balance of an energizing teaching blended with real-world experience and credibility that motivates you to become a peak performer in your profession. He not only inspires, but moves audiences to action by offering practical and effective approaches to drive your motivation to the next level to go the extra #MILE.
Your Audience Will Transform To Peak Performers With These
Four Steps To Go the Extra #MILE
Fueling #1
Mr. Mile has the rare ability to connect with his audience and engage them to the message.
Distance #3

Everyone has enthusiasm, but not everyone has endurance! Mr. Mile will motivate your audience to go the distance to accomplish goals but most importantly the extra mile to accomplish the vision.
Direction #2
The Focus is direction this takes place when he gives his expert knowledge on how to gain an advantage and over come the obstacles.
Finishing #4

Finishing is key. The ability to inspire his audience to go the distance and execute the plan is revolutionary, captivating and priceless. Your audience will go the extra #MILE. 

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